Meet Chips Tree Service

Unlike other companies in the valley that can take up to two weeks or more to work on your trees because they have to rent the equipment, we own all of our own vehicles and have the fastest turnaround times for getting the tree work completed.

We are a family owned and operated Phoenix tree removal and trimming service that is proud to have Jack Herndon as our lead arborist. With our years of experience and knowledge, our customers can always expect the highest level of quality, degree of professionalism, and care from Chips Tree Service.

Chips Tree Service Arborist Jack H

Jack H. – Arborist

Jack is our dedicated Certified Arborist whose passion for the arboriculture industry knows no bounds. With years of expertise under his belt, Jack brings unparalleled knowledge and enthusiasm to every project he undertakes. What sets Jack apart is not just his professional expertise, but also his unwavering commitment to the well being of trees and care for his clients. When he’s not taking care of his clients, Jack treasures his moments spent with family. In his free time, you’ll often find him exploring nature trails or sharing laughs around a dinner table.

Chips Tree Service Arborist Christien E

Christien E. – Arborist

Christien’s enthusiasm for the tree and landscape industry has made him a dedicated professional, always eager to expand his knowledge and skills. Over the years he has immersed himself in learning about all different species in AZ, their maintenance, growth patterns and various techniques involving tree care.  Outside of his professional life, Christien finds joy in spending quality time with his wife. He also is an active member of his local church community

Chips Tree Service Arborist Anthony P

Anthony P. – Arborist

Anthony’s commitment to the green industry is unmatched. He is a Certified Arborist and continues to expand his knowledge and education in the field. He is currently studying to become an ISA Certified Arborist Utility Specialist. Outside of being an Arborist, Anthony spends time with his family and going to watch the latest movies in theatres. He also enjoys spending time with his daughter and taking her out on different adventures.

Chips Tree Service Arborist Mitchell R

Mitchell R. – Arborist

Chips Certified Arborist Mitchell is a dedicated professional in the tree industry ensuring he provides his clients with the most informed and high-quality service possible. His expertise and dedication have earned him a great reputation among his clients and peers alike. Outside of his arborist work, Mitchell enjoys going out to eat and spending time with his fiancee and dog. He also dedicates his time to participating in church activities and events.

Chips Tree Service

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