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Stump Removal Glendale AZ

Searching For Stump Removal Near Me?

If you want to build a deck, install underground utilities, or put in concrete for a driveway or basketball court, stump extraction may be necessary. Removing tree stumps is not as easy as it sounds; heavy machinery must be employed to pull them out of the ground effectively and safely. That’s why our experienced team, all ISA-certified arborists at Chips Tree Service, is here to lend a helping hand. We have the expertise and resources needed for any stump removal project, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our tree removal specialists if you need assistance.

Chips Tree Service specializes in tree removal services for residential and commercial property owners, and that includes stumps. No job is too big or small for us! Our experienced arborists have the knowledge and skill to handle full tree removal, whether you have an overgrown Palo Verde or an Arizona Cypress taking up too much space in your backyard or outside your office building. We understand that every property is unique, so we take the time to analyze each job and develop a customized tree care solution that meets all safety requirements. Whether you need small-scale tree trimming or more in-depth services, tree pruning or deep root fertilization, our team has the skills and know-how to get it done. Give us a call to get started with a free estimate! We’re proud to provide great customer service on top of our skilled tree work.

Our Stump Removal and Grinding Services Are the Best

Stump Removal Glendale AZ

Grinding is the best way to go if you need a stump removed from your yard. Here at Chips Tree Service, we guarantee the highest service quality and always offer our customers an affordable price. Unlike trying to remove a stump by hand, which is nearly impossible and often dangerous, we use professional stump grinding equipment that grinds the stump 3-6” below the base. This means the stump is fully removed from your yard, right down to the roots. You won’t have to worry about the tree growing back anytime soon! You can rest easy knowing that our certified tree specialists are experienced with using these pieces of equipment to grind your stumps safely and correctly.

We Make It an Easy Stump Removal Process

Removing dead tree stumps can be a difficult, laborious process. Fortunately, we make it easy. With our know-how and expertise, we can safely remove trees and their stumps from your property. We take it one step further by contacting Arizona 811 so underground utilities are located and marked in advance to avoid hitting any underground pipes or wires.

We Have the Fastest Tree Stump Removal Professionals Around

Tree stumps can be unsightly, not to mention annoying. These obstacles pose potential hazards, particularly when undertaking yard remodeling or landscaping — they can even cause problems for other trees on your property. That’s why we offer emergency tree removal services to attend to these issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your working day. We understand that time is precious, and we strive to provide prompt tree services that meet all your needs within your schedule and budget.

Other tree services we provide:

  • Tree removal services
  • Tree trimming service
  • Proper tree care services
  • Tree planting services

Common Stump Removal Questions

What is the easiest way to remove a tree stump?
There is a cost effective option to grind a stump down below ground level so it is no longer visible. We can remove an entire stump using pickaxe or sometimes large stumps require heavier machinery.
Should I use a stump grinder or remove a stump?
Depending on the future plan of the area. If you plan to plant anywhere within 5 feet of the original stump, a full removal is recommended. If you do not plan to plant, you can grind the stump below ground level.
What happens if you leave a tree stump in the ground?
Depending on the species, stumps may grow back if not treated with stump killer. Some of those species include but are not limited to: sissoo, acacia, olive, cottonwood, sumac, etc. Recommend to check with an Arborist to see if their species of trees are known to grow back.

Choose Us For Your Tree Stump Removal Service Needs

Stump Removal Service Glendale AZ

At Chips Tree Service, we are the go-to tree experts for Glendale, Arizona, and all surrounding areas. Our highly t rained and experienced arborists have decades of experience in the professional tree service industry. Our services cover residential and commercial clients, from tree trimming to proper tree removal and stump grinding when needed. We always strive to keep our customers’ trees healthy and beautiful while ensuring everyone’s safety. With our tree services, troublesome tree stumps will quickly be a thing of the past.

Why choose us for tree maintenance?

  • Our ISA-certified arborists provide safe, efficient tree removal.
  • We have the proper equipment for any type of tree services needed — from tree trimming service to full tree removal.
  • Our work is guaranteed; if we make a mistake, we’ll come back and fix it at no additional cost.

With our team, your tree care could not be in better hands. Contact us for a free consultation about any of our tree services, whether it’s simple tree pruning or more in-depth tree services like stump grinding. If you need tree removal, we can help — in a timely manner and within your budget. Our tree service pros will be on the job as soon as possible.